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Our Antioxidantantioxidant tooth powder Did you know that the health of your teeth and gums affects the health of your entire body? Your gums are like an open entryway into your bloodstream. If your mouth is full of unhealthy bacteria, guess what else is too. It is important to take care of your mouth the same way you take care of the rest of your body. An Antioxidant® is the world’s first antioxidant tooth powder. It offers superior dental care by:
  • Our Antioxidant tooth powder removes the film on your teeth
  • Our Antioxidant tooth powder gives you a brilliantly white smile
  • Our Antioxidant tooth powder neutrales the positive charge of debris
  • Our Antioxidant tooth powder alkalinizes your mouth to stop acid damage

Antioxidant Tooth Powder

Why do you need Our Antioxidant tooth powder? Because the debris that clings to your teeth and gums is oxidized and acidic. This debris creates a dingy, unattractive film that is not completely removed by brushing with the average toothpaste. Oue Antioxidant tooth poweder contains the powerful antioxidant, Silica Hydride, which provides trillions of negatively charged hydrogen ions. 

These ions bind to the positively charged particles in the mouth and soften them to make removal easier, giving you cleaner teeth and gums. This action aids in the removal of food build-up from your teeth. They also reduce the surface tension of the water you use to brush your teeth, allowing it to more effectively dissolve debris. 

Our Antioxidanttoothpowder creates a more alkaline environment in the mouth to neutralize mouth acids that can otherwise etch away at the enamel of your teeth and damage healthy gum tissue.

Aloe vera naturally soothes irritated gums. Aloe is added to our Antioxidant tooth powder because it can calm aggravated gums while improving the health of this delicate tissue.

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